Real time data for Grand Haven State Park Beach Lat: N 43° 3' 21.83" Long: W 86° 14' 57.74"

Grand Haven State Park Beach

Real time weather and beach condition

Weather and Beach Conditions

water and wave forecast

Surf Conditions

Beach winds and wave height forecasts come from the National Weather Service Great Lakes Beach Hazards website.

Water Temperature

The water temperature reading on comes from the Great Lakes Observing System and the NOAA Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System's Nowcast.

swim hazard risk

The swim hazard risk data comes from the National Weather Service Great Lakes Beach Hazards website, and is calculated based on the wind speed, wave heights, and direction. Note that rip currents have been reported on green (low risk) and yellow (moderate risk) days. If rip currents are reported, the risk is automatically upgraded to RED (high risk). Grand Haven also has a flag-based warning system, with green, yellow, or red reflecting the rip current risk for the day. These flags are posted daily at the beach.

Rip currents are powerful channels of water moving away from shore. Unaware swimmers can find themselves being pulled out into the lake. Each year, numerous deaths across the Great Lakes are attributed to rip currents. Learn more about Rip Currents and how to escape them before going to the beach!

weather forecast

Daily weather forecasts are provided by the NOAA National Weather Service regional office in Grand Rapids, MI.

bacteria warnings

Although all natural waters contain bacteria, at times levels can exceed safe limits and cause human illness. In order to alert the public about potentially unhealthy water quality conditions at Great Lakes beaches, local health departments sometimes post swim advisories. Lake Michigan's water is relatively clean and generally there are no water quality advisories. To see a list of the most recent beach closures, advisories, and other detailed information on Grand Haven water quality, please visit the Department of Environmental Quality.

uv index forecast

The UV index forecast for Grand Haven Beach comes from the US Environmental Protection Agency’s SunWise website. Ultraviolet light is produced by the sun and can cause health problems. The UV index provides a gage for understanding the amount of ultraviolet radiation predicted to reach a particular place on Earth at solar noon. More information about the UV index, access to the UV index for other parts of the country, and sun safety tips are available at SunWise.

GLERL Nowcast and Forecast

The water temperature reading on comes from the Great Lakes Observing System and the NOAA Great Lakes Coastal Forecasting System’s Nowcast.  This Nowcast was developed by the Great Lakes Environmental Research Lab, and is a numerical model that calculates temperatures (along with wind, waves and currents) for each of the Great Lakes. This Nowcast is run four times per day, and takes readings at latitude 43.0532, longitude -86.2679. The forecast provides projected conditions, whereas the Nowcast provides up-to-date information on conditions.

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